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Many organizations often falter not due to economic or technical factors, but because of people issues. Psychological Associates addresses those people issues directly, using tools that assess, develop, and guide your people, at all levels, while creating a culture of trust and engagement. We take the guesswork out of mobilizing people talents by using scientifically tested common sense.

55 years of proven expertise in executive coaching; succession planning; assessment & selection; and sales & leadership development.

STEM Professionals:
A Leadership Challenge

Psychological Associates has allied with the Center for the Application of Information Technology (CAIT) at Washington University in St. Louis to develop a session of our flagship program, Leadership Through People Skills®, tailored to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) professionals.

Adapt Your Selling Style
to Your Customers’ Behavior

Selling to the Power of Q4® (SPQ4) teaches participants customer-focused selling skills to develop satisfying, long-term relationships that withstand competitive pressures.

Do You Work With
a Difficult Person?

Find out! Take a few minutes to complete our Dimensional® Behavior Questionniare and get a fast, online appraisal based on your answers.